Monday, July 30, 2012

Failures do not define who we are

Assalamualaikum & Hi...

I was having quite difficult days this week. :( Things that I've planned are not working out as expected. :( Can say that I am at a low-side of my life blablablablabla. But need something to build back the strength. Acquire it from Allah the One and Only who knows the best for me - lifting the big stone on my shoulder by sharing the loads with my beloved husband & mother - doing things that I love with hope that they could ease the stress and strain - etc etc etc.

Besides, I also did google for some motivational inspiring words. And I found this article. Enjoy reading guys - hope it helps to motivate you as well. Have a good day onwards, ya~ anddddd, never quit! :)


Here is the TRUTH: like anything else in life that’s difficult, when you first try it,YOU WILL FAIL…you will make mistakes…you will get frustrated…and you’ll want to quit.  Think of anything new or foreign that you’ve tried for the first time as an adult (perhaps a new instrument, sport, or language)…were you an immediate expert, or did you fumble around for a while?

We’ve ALL had setbacks and failures.  We can whine, moan, feel sorry for ourselves, and blame others, or we can get ourselves a nice, tall, refreshing glass of “suck-it-up” juice!  When we fall short, when we fail, we MUST get up and put one bloody, dusty boot in front of the other and drive on towards our potential…towards success.

I heard once that the most beautiful gift from God is potential!  That’s a powerful statement, and it strikes me that one of the saddest facts of life is all that power-of-potential lying in graves around the world.  Why?  Because most of those people never took action to realize their potential, or they simply gave up before ever reaching their potential.

Failure does not define you.  The way you respond to failure, defines you. 


Good Day! 

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