Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Permanent vs Contract

Salam, Hello everyone~

Actually saya betul2 dalam dilema sekarang ni. My current position is permanent, in PETRONAS, at Terengganu. I didn't wish to continue the long distance relationship a.k.a weekend husband/wife, hence I requested for a transfer. But when knowing that it gonna take another one & half year to get the transfer released, I opted for another last but not least option - start fresh, new job, at KL. Which means, I'll leave this company - for good. Besides the fact that we (my husband & I) tied to the marriage policy.

Pernah dengar tak marriage policy in PETRONAS? We're not allowed to marry among the staff, if we did, one of us need to resign. Cruel don't you think? Menafikan yang tersurat bahawa kitorang ni memang dok berjumpa sesama staff dalam PETRONAS. I'm not sure what are their reasons, but bet it's something huge lah kan. Else takkannnnn la diorang nk impose the clause tu dalam offer letter kannnn... Hmmm.

So, there I tried my best, sending resume to the manpower supply company. Alhamdulillah, got one interview and alhamdulillah, I passed it! HAPPY! is a contract position. Hmmm........
On one year contract basis pulak tu. Hmmmm..... But the total monthly income is BIG! Hmmm....
But it's contract, you know? Anything possibly happen, could happen. Hmmm..

The beauty to stay in PETRONAS, I got:
- Unlimited medical coverage, under ING insurance
- Yearly bonus <-- company bonus + performance bonus (last year, I got eight months bonus, but after minus the tax yang sebulan setengah tu..... macam 6 bulan setengah bonus je lah, but still - HUGE!)
- PERMANENT <-- this is important. Kalau cuti sakit lama2 (nauzubillah mintak simpang), but kalau cuti sakit lama2, kita tak expect la kot to received surat diberhentikan kerja..huhu
- All the exclusive layanan from the company to their staffs (contoh? latest - sampul duit raya..huhu. Contract yang bukan under HR, dia tak bagi tau.huhu)
- Yearly increment. Banyak okay.. Even kalau 10% tu, dah berapa ratus da tu.... It does make an obvious difference in the payslip.
- When traveling, we could take our MAS flight, stayed in 5* hotel, claims, meal allowances like macam banyak jugak, etc
- What else? Owh, the tainings! We could developed our expertise in a subject, join the trainings.. Good kan...
- What else what else... There could be more, but I stop here lah...

Now tengok company XXX in KL, which is also one of the major player in the oil & gas company. I was offered:
- Firstly of course, the extra XXL monthly income. Well, interesting.
- Another positive side of it, I could stay near to my dear husband & the family. I look at this something REALLLLY important. :)
- One more, it is near to my cik abey's working place - so we could go forth & back together everyday. Best best~~~ Hihihiiiii...
- The job will be more focused. Currently, I am looking at all scope of works - penat!
- ............. Is that it?? 
Hmmm... yang lain2 macam tak berapa best... setahun je contract. What if I didn't reach their expectations?? ;( What if my contract is not extended?? ;( No bonus, not sure about increment ada ke tak. Medical coverage pon sikit (sikit gila okay, I assume they pull more at the income, so medical jadik sikit. Dunno. I assume). But it's still okay, my cik abey's medical insurance can cover me... Seeeeeee, another beauty of PETRONAS. The ING insurance covers your spouse & your kids~ :) Another one, cuti in this contract position, dapat 14 hari je setahun. Kurang sehari dari PET. But traveling, I bet they won't allow you to take MAS, to stay in 5* hotel. Mesti dia nak sep kan~ Kasik "asal boleh" dah lah. Kan..... Eh, ke tak? Better ask my friends yang dah biasa working as contract. They must had knew better....

Okay lah, cukup di sini sahaja. Nanti serabuts pulaks pikirs lamas2... Huhu...

So, which one to go for?? 


Yours truly,


Suhaimi said...

since your husband is with PETRONAS, you won't have to worry about ING. They should cover wife and kids.

Beind close with husband is quite important. Especially that you are young now. Its the time to enjoy life.

Well, nanti dah ada kids, maybe you pun taknak kerja.

Anonymous said...

Same goes with me. Sangat stress memikirkan nya.

Munirah Mohd Ali said...

Dear anonymous, my advise tu u, pls pls pls buat solat istikharah byk3 kali pon xpe.. Biar bulat hati dan sure dgn keputusan tu... Petronas is a very good company tau. Im not sure kalau ada company luar yg boleh beat petronas. Kalau rs boleh sabar n tahan, sabar ja dulu kayh. Kalau mmg takde better option, atau u ada plan lain, then go ahead. Tp hati kena sure 200% sure.. Okayh? Good luck to u dear. :)

ayuriri said...

Agreed. Lately dengar2 policy nak revised balik. Hmmm. Pray for the best..

Anonymous said...

Dear Munirah. Skrg ni betul2 dlm dilema. I hope dpt buat keputusan muktamad lepas ni.

Anonymous said...

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