Friday, March 7, 2014

Living on a planet named Earth

This week has been a special week for me. Somehow I think, this is a sign God sent his loves to me, just to let me know that He has been watching me, hearing my thoughts, my prayers and all.

Sebab apa saya cakap camtu? Sebab....

Isnin : An old good friend of mine from UTP+Kerteh datang visit kat rumah

Rabu : An old good friend of Ibnu datang visit kat rumah

Khamis : Had a date over the lunch with an old good friend of mine from SSP

Jumaat : Had a good jejak kasih with two old good friends of mine from UTP over the two hours lunch

Perasan tak, i mentioned "old good friend". Ni memang kawan yang bukan baru setahun dua tahun, tapi jap nk kira... erm... since 1999 ada, since 2004 ada...

Jejak kasih pon ada. Really longggggggggg lost contact with this one girl, sebab ada salah faham sikit, sebab my mistake, i jemput friends guna fesbuk je masa nak kawen aritu. Too busy! I know, alasan sangat unacceptable. I have the cards ready with me (to invite my friends), but I don't get the time to write addresses and post them out. I should have passed this task to my brothers or sisters... Sigh... But really, I got married during my peak year/months in Petronas (at that time). The invitation part was my clumsiest part. Plus i lupa this one really REALLY close friend of mine takdok fesbuk! Kitorang slalu call2 je if rindu2. It was like macam nitemare, eversince our last meet up (unaccidentally bumped into each other) kat KLCC, after kawen. I was happily waving at her, and she did this facial expression and said, "Munie! Kau kawen tak ajak aku!"

Me, speechless. Dunno what to say. SORRY? No words can really heal her at that time. Knowing her, I've been trying to contact her lepas2 tu via sms, call, etc tapi semua no reply. :( Yelah, kitorang has been a good buddy in a group of 5, for five years -- gi lectures, makan, minum, tido, study, lab, homework, meronggeng, movie, karok, semuaaaaaaa sama2. Must be so sad for her to know about my wedding from somebody else. I know. Sorry.. :(

And tadi, on this blessing Friday, we got to meet again, after like ermmmm almost two years? Lama kan? Lost contact at all. Walhal office dekatttt sgt2. :(

Sorry panjang pulak cerita. Sebab I was too happy that now dia dah tak kecik hati anymore. Pls no merajuk2 no more after this okay? I think, she knows me that well, my perangai tak semenggah etc, I did that out of my intention at all. Sangat22222 lessons learnt okay. Getting married is one big thing and pls don't invite your good friends via FB only. Huhuhuks.

Cukup2 cerita jejak kasih.

Apa yang nak dikongsikan is, disebalik itu is, last month has been tough for me. Tiga minggu baby down with flu, fever, cough. Siang okay, malam mencanak2 naik smpai almost nk reach 39deg c. Baru baik, pastu berjangkit2 demam balik. My Amina was losing her weight constantly, sampai sikit lagi nak kembali ke berat dia masa 2 bulan. T____T

So biasa la kan, ragam baby yang tengah tak sihat. I have to cope with her, and coping with my sakit yang masa tu every week kena jumpa doctor (ada appointment). And my next appointment is next week. And throughout the tough days, I kept feeling down and all the bad thoughts came into my mind. Macam2 lah yang benda tak elok tu bergayut2 dalam otak ni. But syukurrrrrrr alhamdulillah, mak abah datang from kedah, stay kat rumah kitorang for 4 days 4 nights, jagakan Amina, jagakan kitorang (sebab hari2 mak masak. Hahahahah). Amina dah sihat, dah tak demam, and berat dia naik sikit! Dalam 60grams macam tu. Cukup buat saya happy. Kalau makin turun, ada yang resign kerja karang. Hui3....

And then the good days were followed by visits from kawan2 lama ni. Borak yang to me, bukan borak kosong. Borak yang somehow makes me feel motivated back, feel happy, feel blessed. Alhamdulillah. Despite the hard times, now come the good times. Alhamdulillah3333.

I now have a new mission, which might seem small mission tapi, buat sikit2 dulu, start from basic, but mesti istiqomah/consistent. Malu nak share kat sini, let me do this dulu and get the mission accomplished. In sya Allah.... Let's get better - be a better mother, a better wife, better daughter, better sister, better friend, better employee and on top of that, better Hamba Allah. In sya Allah.... Pls stay strong Munirah! :)

p/s: Tajuk takdo kena mengena pon... Jiwa kacau baru nak pulih, gini laaaa.. Keke :)

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