Friday, April 20, 2012

Shogun / Saisaki Japanese Buffet Restaurant, Wisma UOA

My first time hereeeee.... Ofkoz harus dibawa masuk blog kan... Ditambah2 dengan makan free. Contractor belanja. Jakuns mode on! Hehehe. 

Actually we were having a meeting with our contractor and project coordinator at Menara Perak for two days consecutively. And this Menara Perak is just beside Wisma UOA building. U just need to cross the street to get to Wisma UOA from Menara Perak. 

During the lunch hour, to our (or only me? kui3) surprise, they brought us here. The place is quite spacey, they were having quite a number of customers that day, so some foods did run out fast from the trays. Huhu. While eating, I kept on thinking whether is this the feeling if I were to have the meals in Japan? I mean real real Japan? Hmm, I wish I could go to Japan one day... InsyaAllah... :)

Some info on this restaurant :

T: 03-2166 3728
F: 03-2166 6728

Operation Hours:
Lunch: 12 - 3PM Daily
Dinner: 6 - 10:30PM Daily

Seating Capacity: 270 pax

I didn't eat this. One guy just took the shells randomly. Huhuhu..

Ok, that's it! :)

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