Wednesday, February 8, 2012

CLINIQUE anti-blemish solutions 3-step system - I'm letting them go!

Assalamualaikum & Hi Para Readers yang Budiman,

Sesiapa yang sedang memakai atau ingin mencuba set anti-blemish by Clinique, this entry is specially made for you.
Cleansing foam + clarifying lotion (toner) + clearing moisturizer, packed in a box
Retail price: RM185
My offered price to you: RM 140. Together at this price, you will get free gifts as below. :)
Two free gifts on left, moisturizer and toner. Great for travelling purposes
Some info:
- Bought them on 19th Jan 2012 at Parkson Suria KLCC
- Get the opportunity to use cleansing foam for 3 days only (tak guna langsung its toner & moisturizer). Pls trust me
- Reason of selling? As picture below... :)
Mother proposed to go to 'real' clinic instead of putting trust to Clinique. Maka ke sana-lah kami tiba. Terlindung pulak tarikh pembelian 22/1/2012.
As an evidence. Sila lihat tarikh dan harga pembelian

To know more, visit this website: So now untuk mengelakkan pembaziran dan biarkan set ini berhabuk dimamah usia, maka I'm letting them go for good. Do contact me if you want them to be yours! :)

~ 017-4202067 ~

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