Monday, January 30, 2012

Wedding+Engagement+Risik ring(s?) cool fact! :)

Hi My Dear Mr Blog..

A fact that I figured out during my 'engagement ring camwhoring' using old-but-newly-found-back camera. I find this interesting and cool yawwww.

Did you realized that your keyboard is having the letter of 'R', 'E' and 'W' in a row? Reading from right to left ya.. Doesn't that ring a bell? No/yes? Owh, okay, you feel something. That's great! Keep coming. Okdahstop. Well, my imagination mind is telling me, 'R' is for 'risik', 'E' is for 'engagement' and 'W' is for 'wedding'! Don't you think it's cooooollll? Haha. Niceeeeeeeee~~~ 
I am dreaming of a white gold ring as my wedding ring. But would still consider yellow gold looking from good investment angle. But errrrrr who on earth would sell his/her wedding ring?  (~.~)

I am staying up all night because I have past my sleep-hour, so wanted to stay awake so that I would not miss to catch up my early morning flight at 7 a.m. Will be travelling to KK tomorrow morning for a meeting. Can't wait to be in Sabah, state I was borned at. :)

Hoping for a better day. Good day to you too, Mr Blog! :)

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