Thursday, August 16, 2012

Restaurant Al-Safina, Kijal Beach

This is our first time as a married couple to have our dinner here. To be specific, untuk berbuka puasa. It is a nice place for break fasting, if we plan to go for an Arabian foods. They have so many choices of nasi (rice) that come with their compliment dishes. I took so many pictures that day, but using Ibnu's phone because my battery went out flat. Great timing. Hoho.

Probably it is the only place in Kijal/Kerteh/Paka area in Terengganu that we could find that serves the Arabian foods. The foods taste good, the place is nicely decorate with a Middle Eastern style, the price is not that bad, and the location is quite romantic since it is very near to the beach. But u have to come here in the daylight, to see the beach. At night, the place will only be brighten up with the lights and dimes from the restaurant. :)

For Ramadhan buffet, or for any special occasion, u better call them and make your booking first! Else, u will just come here to find out that the place is full house. My words are based on my experience. Heheheh..

Their contact number : 09-8588239 / 012-2783015
Ramadhan buffet : RM 27.00 for adult / RM 17.00 for child

p/s: There is a surau provided here, but to me it looks like more of an office for the staffs, or the owner of this restaurant. Therefore for muslimah, u have to bring your own telekung but still it is not convenient enough. A big mosque located nearby which is more comfy for us to perform our solah. 

Enjoy the pictures I managed to capture before the phone went off, peeps~ :)

This is my last picture here (using my phone). Our first dishes. I'll try to make another continual entry for Al-Safina when I have the pictures from Ibnu's phone yaa~ InsyaAllah~

Nyummeyh! :)

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