Friday, September 12, 2014

Passion for cooking ?

My mom sure does has that...

Me? Errrrrmmmm aaaaaa wwwuuuuuuuu can I say, a bit?

Yeahh, just a bit. Because I'm far from a good cook. Would u believe me if I say, I started to learn cooking masa kat uni... Tu pon just spaggeti bolognese (everytime) and boleh kira berapa kali ja memasak. And masa balik kampung, tolong2 mak kat dapur sikit2. Then tried few malay dishes masa dah masuk alam pekerjaan. And now dah married, quite a number of different lauk pauk yang dah pernah try masak.

Until now, I still have to search and study the recipe before actually cooking it.

I had even once googled picture of "lengkuas" masa nak masak rendang ayam aritu. Google types of cheese.... Google how to cut the fish in "butterfly" technique... Macam2 laaaa dah pernah google. Mostly to learn of the tips and tricks.. Heheh..

But my mom is a superchef! She's working and still working until today. But during our childhood, I could recall only a few occasion makan luar. Almost every single day, kitorang whole family akan makan masakan mak. Be it just a fried chicken and sayur masak bening. My favourite! :)

I'm trying to absorb her positivity in doing the best for the family. Moreover with the presence of bibik in the house, there's pretty much nothing I can complain and still not doing cooking. Kan..... So..... Gambatte! Fighting!

I've been cooking everyday this week. A type of an accomplishment for me really.... Back from work, I will straight masak masak masak and masak. Then bila da settle siap semua, baru I naik and mandi and solat. I tried to challenge myself, to make the meals ready before maghrib prayer. Kalau balik from office dah lambat, then sembahyang dulu lepas tu baru masak.

Bibik is really a bless. She tidied up my fridge, kupas bawang semua siap2. So, the preparation nak masak tu jadik laju je.. Save time. And bila lepas masak tu, bibik akan lap2 balik dapur etc... So taklah iols penat sangat nak handle the mess lepas masak tu. Huuuu~~

Ibnu has been sweet by saying the foods were good. And sometimes dia makan menambah2. Haritu dia tambah 2x, and the lauk were only ikan terubuk masin, fish curry and sawi masak bening. But I really enjoyed watching him berselera makan. Makan lagi makan lagi, biar bulat. Hahaha :p

Harini, nak masak ikan bawal masak kicap pedas, tomyam campur and telur dadar. Hope he will enjoy my food as much. :)

Besok, nak pergi Janda Baik! I volunteered to buat nasi ayam. I hope nasi ayam will taste good, smell good, look good. So pagi2 besok kena pergi pasar basah. Beli ayam. Ayam kat rumah tak cukup to cover semua orang yang pergi besok. It's gonna be family vacation. Can't waittttttttt~~~~~ :)

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