Wednesday, October 24, 2012

26th birthday celebration at Kuala Lumpur Tower

It was supposedly be a surprise, really. A day before I did not even remember that tomorrow is 1st October, eventually would be my 26th birthday. Ibnu, my beloved husband, out of sudden while we were watching the television, said this, "Sayang, besok jom pergi dinner best. Nak tak?" And I was like, "Pergi mana?" He replied, "Menara Kuala Lumpur". 

Yeayyyyyy!! I was so so so happy that I wanted to jump high in the air, but I controlled myself because we were at my PIL's house. I know that Menara Kuala Lumpur has this spinning restaurant up there and the view is very nice, especially at night. But being-the-impatience-me said, "Harini, sayang? Harini weekend. Besok dah Isnin..." Grinned widely~ It was that moment while he considering my suggestion when suddenly a message came in from someone and that particular someone reminded me that tomorrow is my birthday. 

Terkantoi sudah my husband's intention. Haha. I got it now why it was so sudden and why it must be tomorrow. Hehehe. 

To make this short, I portrayed the rest of the story in pictures. Enjoy! 

At last I was here on my 26th birthday~

My bulat, forever love, insyaAllah

Viewing Kuala Lumpur's night jakun-nish-ly

The foods bar

My birthday cute little cakessss

Suites the name, Atmosphere 360 restaurant. There was also a pianist, playing that gigantic white piano. At one time, he was playing a birthday song, and although it was for somebody else, I still took it as my own remarkably sweet moment. TQ, Mr Pianist!

Bloated inside our tummy~ I love the oysters that were cooked with "otak2" style. Delicious micious! Hehehe

All on him! Ekehkehkehkeh

See? Even the time capsule was launched on my birthday! I was standard four back then in 1996. :)

I am sure you guys would also have something sweet to be reminded on your first birthday celebration as husband and wife. Thank you, Sayang. I love you so much! :)

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