Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Watching movie "TED" at Tropicana City Mall

I heart this movie!
Personally, I feel like it has thousandssss of good lessons learned behind the story.

There were some sort of fictions, but the messages were there.
I summarized them as : Trust - Faith - Tolerance - Loyalty - Honesty - Responsibility - Sense of humor
The message was delivered in a very interesting easy-flow way, very dramatic-no-heart-feelings-pls way, very cute comedic way, very nerves breaking way (scenes that involved a father and his son that looked like ermmmm sick psychos huhuhu), in short - very very very alllll wutever way.

To play TED's trailer, click here!

To those who have been craving to enjoy a light movie and wanting to laugh out loud yourself, loudest that u can, like nobody's business, - in a cinema; you are highly recommended to watch this movie! Pls go with either your friends or your loved ones! It would be more fun that way, coz this movie is all about love and friendship. :)

Opsssss, minus those scenes that smells 18SX - don't really favor them much. Regardless that, it is still a beautiful movie~ Compliment my good beautiful day today~ :)

Before the movie started, we had nearly an hour gap and we decided to spend it for a window shopping which later on turned out to be a real cash-out shopping. I got all these for myself! And a big bunch of thanks to my dear Ibnu for all the shawls. Xoxoxoxoxo!

Three more movies ready on the line! :)

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