Friday, August 22, 2014

A war within own self

I saw this online at

So tempting one maahh.... My right hand clicked "Add to Cart".

Then continue browsing again.

Such a pretty one mahhhhh.... Right hand clicked "Add to Cart" again.

Never mind, click click first, choose later.

So now I have two beautiful human creation in my cart.

Then continue browsing again.

This one also! Sooooo niceeeeee.........

Right hand was about to click "Add to Cart" when my left hand quickly grabbed and pulled back the right hand from clicking the haunted button.

Are u sureeeee u want to have a complicated decision making later?

Long silence.

Keep staring at both bags in view item in "Shopping Bag" list.

Start thinking on the pros and cons.

To choose only one bag.

Must make a wise decision.


Long silence again.

Awkwardly clicked "Cancel" on one of the beg. Left me with the cheaper one.

Long silence again.

It costs almost RM400 for one small macromini bag for god sake!

Are u sureeeee, Munirah?

After few minutes, I guarded my mouse to the top right corner of the screen, and clicked "close window".

The end.

Now my face is like this (O____________________O)

Left ear hears : U should have just bought that! RM400 is a blownail babe!

Right ear hears : With RM400 you can pay your monthly insurance fee for two months dear!

Sobs. End of story. I have to make a happy face. Purchase those bags with less price, please. Appreciate each ringgit.

Okay. (O________________________O)

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