Friday, August 15, 2014

What matters most

We have so many plans, so many desires, and become ambitious. But when not one, not two, not three but four plans come together and we need to choose only one, that's the time we realized, we need to have one firm side to hold onto. So we start questioning questions. Sometimes lead to an answer, most of the times, we became puzzled. Sometimes the answer seems so vivid today, but tomorrow it could be the opposite.

I am in that phase now.

I have been asking myself the same questions every day for the past two weeks.

What is the thing that matters most in my life?

How should I prioritize things?

Who do I really want to be?

Where do I lead my life to?

People succeed, people fall, people meet with obstacles, people deal the challenges, people who has it all, people who make things seem easy.... People run away from problem?

It has always be that my FAMILY is my highest priority. But now the weighing scale is trying to balance and proportionate between family and CAREER.

Why can't I have them both? I think I can have them both, but just not the same par. In my current case, one has to be lower than the other. Ibnu has been listening to my "super smooth plan" while driving every day after work, but the super smooth plan is always changing every two or three days. I can't make up my mind!

Now. I have to decide. Fast. I have to plan. REAL plans. And make them work.

For the sake of the family. For the sake of the career. Come on, Munirah! You are better than this. Hopefully all turn well, insyaAllah...


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