Monday, August 25, 2014


I love the fact that now we have one bibik at home.

I super love to waking up in the morning and finding the house is in a proper condition.

I major love to seeing the efforts that bibik has put in to tackle Amina's attention.


We try our best to treat bibik well. A week before her arrival, we bought a nice single bed and a nice wardrobe for her. And because both rooms at groundfloor are used for other intentions, thus bibik's room has to be upstairs, on the same floor with us.

We bought her simcard and made a promise to her that we will give RM30 topup every month for her to keep in touch with her families. We also bought her a cd player radio, to accompany her in her room. I don't want her to feel lonely, or sad, or bored. I couldn't imagine myself to be away from family for a straight two years. I hope bibik will stay with us and not planning to shorten the contract period. Uhukks.

Amina is still playing hard to be pleased. She will cry out loud when I pass her to bibik. She will cry even louder when bibik took her away from me. But bibik never give up. Last night I saw a slight improvement. Amina responded to bibik's hide and seek. She searched for bibik who was hiding behind the staircase and threw a mini-smile to bibik when bibik said "chakkkkkk".

That's probably because Amina is really affectionated with the staircase. Tangga is her favorite playarea. Nonetheless, an A plus point for bibik's effort. I hope they will get along well together soonest possible.

Hmmm.... Bibik keeps mentioning about how Amina is manja, just like her children - the youngest one is three years old girl. I have a feeling that Bibik will one day ask us to let her go back to her kampong to see her little girl. And I have no idea how to answer to that. I just hope that this two years will be a smooth sailing years to all of us - Amina, Bibik and us the parents.

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