Sunday, January 15, 2012

Consumer Panel (Panel Pengguna) - Gain points and rewards!

Hi there Mr Blog..

A couple of months back, I received an envelope with few documents in it, from Kantar Worldpanel. Interested to be one of the panel knowingly that I could easily gain points and redeem rewards by just committing myself to its Consumer-Panel-Diaries. Besides, these people from Kantar Worldpanel are actually doing market researches and studies, and they will later on use all these info (provided by the panels) for other companies' marketing strategies... 

So what are the rewards? >>> As below pic:
Confuse which one to choose as a target. Hmmm~
And what I need to do is just completing the diaries... 

Go shopping - Collect receipts - Record in diaries - Post diaries -
Collect points - Redeem rewards!

Weekly Diaries
They even give you their envelopes.. Easy lah!

Yeayyyy! Just continuously do this, target itu sewing machine okay~ :) Tho it can be bought in any time, but this feeling - getting something over deeds you do, that I appreciate more.
After how many months will I received this?
*countless? hope not*
Example of how this benefits others... Good aite? :)

Can't wait to buckle up the points! Wish me luck. (^.^)v

Bye Mr Blog.


avinezza said...

good luck dear! rajen2 la buat sampai dapat claim sewing machine tu. pasni boleh belajar menjahit baju pulak! hehe.. btw, mana entry pasal masakan ni?? ;)

m U n ! r A h said...

thx dear! haha. entry masakan mmg nak buat. tp since sy ni beginner sesangat2, so nk biasakan diri dulu. nanti da ok mmg nk buat post. ngeee~ :)

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