Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Malaysia's Courier Services... Ehem!

Hello hello thereeeeee, Mr Blog!

Well, it has been awhile since my last time of using courier services to send goods to others. I know the number delivery or courier services in Malaysia are expanding, years after years. We now have Pos Laju and Pos Express (which are both governed under Pos Malaysia), City Link, Sky Net, Kangaroo and GDEX. Not sure if there are moreeee out there. Yesterday was my first experience with GDEX. Rushing to its branch after work, arrived around 6.30pm just before it was closed for the day, standard question I asked,

"Agak agak berapa hari ya boleh sampai?"

"InsyaAllah satu hari sampai."
(yooooo lah tu)

Never use their services before, thus come to my surprise, the parcel safely handed to her today's noon! (Wahhhhhhhhhhhh, reliable-nya! winkwink)

I've tried Pos Laju and Pos Express previously, but not to that I remember, my parcels are delivered within 24 hours. Huhuhu. So, what are the differences between them? From some studies I found.... :

They have 'Next Day Delivery Service', 'Same Day Delivery Service (SDD)', 'Diplomatic Service', 'Bulk Service', etc etc etc. Perhaps mine was using Next Day Delivery Service, at a cost of RM10 for 8 grams parcel. Confirm reach destination within 1 day. Proven! Best~ :) Shall try to use them for other destination, maybe to a more "kampung" areas, the results might change, who knows right?? Ermmm..

Had once sent a parcel to a dear cousin at Muar, Johor (last two months ke ek?); using Pos Laju, but it reached her after 4 days (kot? tak ingat). Most probably because it was delivered over the weekend, so perhaps there was a time delayed. Perhaps. Owh and sorry, I can't recalled the cost. Hukhuk.

Hurmmm, Laju and Express, sounds similar right? Is this what we called, "sama tapi tak serupa"? Ha yalah tu, yalah. Hihi. Pos Laju requires signature but Pos Express does not. If nobody at home, you will need to collect your Pos Laju from it's branch. Laju offers both documents and parcels, Express is more for documents. The cost for Laju is calculated by weight or volume while Express is calculated by the size of envelope u buy.

Jum baca apa orang lain kata pasal depa depa ni from here (sila klik).

pros: "delivery is quite fast (this year), but not as fast as poslaju"
cons: "might not cover certain remote areas, delivery guy might not know/have experience on some areas (because some are not locals.. YES! at my area (Bangi/Kajang), SKynet uses Indonesians as their delivery boy).."

pros: "delivery is so-so..not that fast, not that slow either.."
cons: "not that i can think of since i only got experience once wit this service"

pros: "none"
cons: "they use 'kangaroo' to deliver ur items.. beware! :p " <-- hahaha


Hurmmmmmm, but if I get the chance, for sure I will 'test' all the other services (Sky Net, City Link & Kangaroo), just to be fair to them. :)

Okay, that's all. Good night, Mr Blog! 


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avinezza said...

munierah.. im using courier service everyday in office..dealing with courier service/forwarder/shipping agent/shipping line are part of daily job.. u could just ask me for help or tips okay!

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