Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kad Kahwin - I did not expect you are sooooo this complicated. Or was it me? (~.~)

Assalamualaikum, Hi, Mr Blog!

Hmmm.. Can’t sleep! My dearest sister is putting me to stay up (maybe using her ‘power of mind’, errr because she’s farrrr away from me here). Berjaya Ella buat Kaklong tak boleh tidur. Hukhuk. The thing is, I asked for her help, to buy me my kad kahwin, all the way from her place - Indonesia. And she’s coming to Malaysia soooooon, so I must decide cepat cepat. Why susahkan dia? Well, that’s the point of having a nice cute little sister (bodek bodek) studying in Indonesia. So that she could help us a bit here and there with our marriage preparation thingy. Indonesia kan famous for her marriage-worth-spending. I love u lah, kind noble hearted beautiful sis of the century! (kipas kipas full volume) Hihihi.. ;)

She gave me this link. Papermint Weddingcards >
One of the favorites. Can I have this, Ella?? ;)

And I love allllllll the cards’ designs. The price is of course cheaper as compared to Malaysia’s. Ermmm, I have my so called ‘kad kahwin impian’. Within my own budget, I would loveeee to have a wedding invitation card that is:
  • Simple, but nice clean smart elegance classy2 look. Hoho, ngado.
  • Comes with cute beautiful ribbon. Satu kewajipan kemestian.
  • Taknak letak gambar kami berdua posing posing senyum senyum. Taknak. Feels lame. (Pahadal malu muka comot) Haha.
  • Front cover, only our names with our kenduri dates. Plan to make one card with both kenduri(s) in it. Takyah nak separate2 kad kau aku kau aku. Save your $$ some more! Don’t you know, the more you order, the price per card is lower? :)

So, having all that, what will the outcome be? Jeng jeng jeng…
I do not know! Just hoping for the best, ikut kemampuan…

Owh, plus there are few other links that lay us with variety choices of wedding invitation cards. These are all from Malaysia. Enjoy! :)

Love this! Having like a rainforest evergreen nature lover feelings. Ngeh ngeh..

And they do your doorgift some more! This is the notepad. Cute, aren't they? :)

The famous young couple - Zahiril and Shera's card

Weddingkami also do wedding websites design, suitable for current world. Not me. Saya masih berfikiran kuno. Uhuks.

Errr, all from facebook? Yezzzzzzza~ Saya kan tak rajin tagha mana nak cari kad tempat lain. Hiks.

Ella, give me another night, I’ll let you know tomorrow ya darling ya! ;D

Good nite, Mr Blog! Letsleeppppp~


Juli said...

Cantek2 kad dari sana. Tukang bc tgk pon tiba2 rasa nk kawen jugak!

m U n ! r A h said...

kan kannnnn? jummmm! cantik! tu tahun 2008/2009 tu dia upload. yang terkini xtau la camana cantiknya...huhuhihi.. kat msia cantik jugak,tp mahaiiii. haha! :D

FiraHamzah said...

:) comel kad tu.. murah ker dapat? heheh..

m U n ! r A h said...

kak firaaaaaaa!! eh kak fira ada blog ek?? yeayhh!! hihi. best2. erm, kad tu kat indonesia mmg murah la if compare cni. mungkin same budget tp if beli sana dpt beli yg lg chunnnn. msia punya kad mahal lah. kan? hukkk

FiraHamzah said...

hehe, blog akak dari zaman nak kawen laaa sampai dah beranak pinak :P
haah kad sini mahal2, tapi ada je yang murah just simple la kat sini nak siap tempahan kad tuh makan masa sebulan okeyy..if tempah kat indonesia 3 hari dah siap..very the expressss! :)

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